We believe anyone can change the world

Our mission is to address the challenges facing the world by empowering people and organizations to maximize their social impact. And, we provide innovative and modern nonprofit software, expertise, and data intelligence to help.

Leadership team

With extensive years of combined expertise, our leaders bring a wealth of experience from some of the world’s best tech companies.

Co-founder and CEO








Values we strive to work by every day

We treat everyone with respect. Every person has a story.

We are authentic. No BS here. We communicate with one another honestly.


We are dedicated to change the world to be a better place.

We are curious, tenacious,
and gritty, and make shit happen.


We love what we do and have a good time doing it together.

Founders' story

dotOrg was founded by Adam Miller and Kirsten Helvey in 2020. Adam and Kirsten worked together for 15 years building Cornerstone OnDemand into a billion-dollar cloud computing company that helps tens of millions of people to realize their potential.

Adam is the visionary founder of Cornerstone OnDemand and an avid social entrepreneur. Adam has focused on social impact most of his career, starting the Cornerstone Foundation, building IKAR, bringing together FAAN and FAI to create FARE, the world’s largest food allergy volunteer health organization, chairing Team Rubicon as it grew from a few hundred to over 120,000 volunteers, founding LA-Tech.org, and addressing homelessness with 1P.org.

Kirsten is the former COO of Cornerstone responsible for overseeing all aspects of global business operations and global client experience, including satisfaction, retention, global industry solutions, professional services delivery, and business consulting. Kirsten joined Cornerstone with 8 customers and helped scale Cornerstone to almost $500M in revenue and over 3,500 customers.

Through his extensive work with foundations and nonprofits, Adam saw firsthand how nonprofits struggle with the lack of effective tools and systems to operate efficiently. This is when he joined forces with Kirsten to start dotOrg, a modern technology company purpose-built to serve the needs of nonprofits everywhere. Adam is Chairman of the Board and Kirsten is the CEO leading the charge to change the world by helping nonprofits to maximize their social impact.

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